Methods for increasing willpower and discipline – Improves willpower

methods for increasing willpower and discipline

I hosted a series of Facebook Live videos to share methods for increasing willpower and discipline so we can achieve our desired results in many areas of our lives.

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Posted by Garret Biss on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Methods for increasing willpower and discipline

During the video, I shared “Willpower Hacks” and busted a few myths about willpower, habits, and discipline. The foundation of managing willpower is understanding the concepts of habit, discipline, willpower, and activation energy:

Habits are conditioned responses, things we do without thought, planning, or action.

Discipline is “the bridge between something that is not a habit, and creating a habit.”

Willpower is the capacity to effect discipline.

“Activation Energy” is the amount of willpower required to commit an act. (A difficult task that is not a habit, like waking at 5 am and going for a run (for most people) would require a lot of activation energy. Something habitual like brushing your teeth requires almost no activation energy.)

methods for increasing willpower and discipline

Some points highlighted during the video series: 

1. Willpower is a finite resource. 

Because willpower is a limited resource, it is important to manage our use of willpower by understanding what increases and what depletes it. Many things, such as timelapse, exhaustion, hunger, mental fatigue, and the act of using willpower can deplete this resource and affect our ability to commit an act we want to.

There will be times that you may want to commit an action (or resist temptation) but fail to do it because you do not have the willpower. This doesn’t mean that you are not capable of committing the act or making the change in your life, but merely that you lacked the willpower to do it at one point.

By managing your willpower, you can increase your capacity to create new habits and make changes in your life.

2. Willpower Hacks for increasing willpower and discipline

Since willpower is finite, we want to use that resource as efficiently as we can. There are things we can do that decrease the amount of willpower required to commit a new action or avoid temptation.

Proper planning, placement of equipment, technology, and other methods can help you reduce (or increase) the willpower required to commit the action you want.

By setting out things you will need to commit an action, it reduces the amount of effort you need to act (like setting out your gym clothes and planning a workout the night before.)

If there is a bad habit you want to break, placing obstacles between you and that habit will make it require much greater effort to complete and therefore reduce the amount of willpower it requires to abstain (removing the batteries from your remote control to reduce the temptation to watch tv).

3. Plan Properly.

Planning is imperative when trying to manage your willpower. Take note of your circumstances and don’t put so much on your plate that you rapidly deplete your willpower all at once.

Give yourself room to slowly build up your willpower and discipline into the formation of new habits.

Questions to ponder:

  • Do you feel you have all the willpower you need to make the changes you want in your life?
  • Do you know steps that you can take to become more disciplined? To form new habits?
  • Are you allowing yourself room to make mistakes, and to learn from them?
  • Are you keeping track of the progress you’re making to increase your willpower?

Lastly, what can I do to help you? My theme for this year is SERVE. If there is a way I can serve you, please let me know! 

Join me – as I share many tools /quotes and strategies for greater success and happiness.

ways for increasing willpower and discipline

To your success and happiness

Garret Biss

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