Living a Better Life in Addiction Recovery

Two critical elements of a better recovery mindset. If you are living in addiction recovery and wish you were living a better life in recovery, check out this 3-part series about steps you can take for greater happiness, fulfillment, and joy.

Part 1: Developing the Mindset for Your Best Recovery


Part 2: Understanding and FIlling the Void in 2019.

All addictions stem from an internal Void. Addiction recovery needs to focus on understanding the voids we have and how we can fill the void naturally so that our entire addiction recovery is not a battle against the cravings and behaviors that will artificially fill those voids – our addictions.

Part 3: Engaging in Life in Addiction Recovery

Part 3 of the series: Being Active and Engaged is a critical element of a successful recovery. Learn to get momentum to keep you going in recovery and keep you from falling down. Life in recovery can be like water skiing… if you stop progression and working on yourself you will fall down. In this part we discuss how to get the greatest return on your investment so you can live and love your best addiction recovery.

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About me: Garret B. Biss USMC (Ret.), MRED, CAPP Prof. Speaker | Cert. Human Potential Trainer | Advocate As a human potential trainer, my mission is to help others leverage positive psychology as a pathway to prevention and recovery.

I help people harness their innate strengths and tap into the tremendous willpower and courage that brought them into recovery so they continue their journey toward the happier, more fulfilling, and more successful lives they deserve.

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