[ANNOUNCEMENT] Live Training – 3 Critical Actions To Get to a Better Place in Your Recovery

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Live Training – 3 Critical Actions To Get to a Better Place in Your Recovery

Hey guys, it’s Garret Biss. So, meet a lot of similar questions, a lot of themes, a lot of similar concerns coming up recently. Some people saying that they’d been in recovery for a little while and they just don’t feel as far along as they’d like to be at this point, or they’re a little confused. They feel stuck and they’re just not really sure what the missing pieces are, where they need to do some work or what they should address, or they’re just starting out in recovery and they’re just confused because here’s so many things to do and they don’t know what first couple of steps to take to really help them out or make the most impact in the beginning.

If any of this sounds like a, some concerns that have been coming up for you or any, any issues that you’ve been facing, then you’d be glad to hear. I’m putting together a free training. So instead of reaching out to people one on one, I just wanted to create something that help a lot of people and help, you know, address some of those major concerns. Or some of those common themes a lot of people face. So next Tuesday, 1:00 PM to seven, and so sorry, two times 1:00 PM and 7:00 PM I’ll be doing live training.

A few I’d love for you to register. I’d love for you to bring any thoughts, any questions, any concerns. There’ll be a lot of things I’m sharing during this presentation that will really help you a this live training. And then we’ll do a little Q and a afterwards. So if there’s some things you’d like to address as we a great opportunity to share your concerns and get some one-on-one feedback, there’s a link in the description to register it. And if you register now or please register now and then when you do, you’ll get a confirmation email. And if there are some specific concerns or something you’d like to address, reply to that email. It’d be a great way to make sure that I cover it during the training.

But, next Tuesday I’ll see you at 1:00 PM 7:00 PM, registered right now. Please share it with your friends. the more that we can kind of get this, those messages out there, and there’s resources out there, the better for everybody. You’d be. Well, and we’ll talk to you soon.


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